Join Hyperbatch Barista Club

There are 3 ways to join the Hyperbatch Barista Club and the total members count is 10K maximum globally. Before reading along, bear in mind you can always reach out to us on Twitter or email us at if you get stuck getting your member pass or just want to get in touch. 

Allowlist Mint: Any purchase of 500 grams of specialty coffee beans or above will be qualified to join for free*. To make the joining process more fun, you will need to interact with a smart contract deployed on the blockchain with your self-custody digital wallet. New to blockchain and Web 3, no worries, watch the step-by-step how-to video here. This option will be available till all 10K member passes are minted out directly from the smart contract.

Airdrop Raffle: Any Ethereum wallet address minted Hyper Proof of History (HPoH Open Edition minting periodically open here) or Hyper Proof of Donation (HPoD Open Edition minting periodically open here) will be raffled to get reserved* Hyperbatch Barista Club (HBBC) member passes directly from Hyperbatch. This option will be periodically open as per the announcements from 

Public Mint: Hyperbatch Barista Club (HBBC) member passes are open for public mint at 0.069 ETH now. Mint yours at Post minting, some will be listed for secondary sales on marketplaces such as OpenSea, LooksRare, x2y2 or Blur etc. You can still purchase them from our fellow community members from time to time.

 Minting Dapp

After getting your Hyperbatch Barista Club (HBBC) member pass, you will be added to the loyalty program* and be rewarded Hyperbean ($HBEAN) to spend in the Hyperbatch ecosystem. Hyperbean ($HBEAN) is tokenized specialty coffee beans and it is always 1:1 backed by real specialty coffee beans in Hyperbatch's warehouse.


* free - Claiming the Hyperbatch Barista Club member pass is free, however interacting with a smart contract deployed permanently on the Ethereum blockchain requires gas. The gas is to be paid to the validators working hard to keep the Ethereum blockchain secure for any on-chain transactions.

* reserved - At Hyperbatch Barista Club (HBBC) smart contract deployment, Hyperbatch reserved 500 member passes of the 10k total supply. The 500 member passes will be used to reward project contributors and community members. 

* loyalty program - This is a rewarding program executed on the Ethereum blockchain, which means you will really own the tokenized specialty coffee beans and can claim your specialty coffee beans at Hyperbatch or spend your &HBEAN on other products and services offered by Hyperbatch and its partnering businesses anytime.