Introducing Hyperproof - Web 3 Version

Introducing Hyperproof - Web 3 Version

Hyper Proof is the prefix for a series of commemorative NFTs which can be exchanged for the Hyper Café governance tokens.

Hyper Proof of Donation (not recommended in 2023)

The minting of Hyperbatch Proof of Donation (HPoD) NFTs is treated as an acknowledgment and alignment of Hyper Café's vision and mission. Each NFT will cost 0.23 Eth to mint. All the funds will go to a community vault which would eventually be managed by a community-selected committee. The minting of Hyper Proof of Donation NFT will grant you the Allowlist entry to mint 1 Hyperbatch Barista Club (HBBC) for free if you are outside the Hyperbatch coffee shipping coverage (Australia, New Zealand, and China as of 10/01/2023). Minting Hyper Proof of Donation for the Hyperbatch Barista Club allowlist entry is not what Hyperbatch recommends. Participating in the public mint will give you a lower price of entry into the ecosystem without committing to the cause of Hyper Café. If you are within the current Hyperbatch specialty coffee shipping coverage, a coffee purchase of 500 grams or above will grant you the Hyperbatch Barista Club allowlist entry.

Hyper Proof of Roast (allowlist mint only)

Hyper Proof of Roast (HPoR) can only be minted after you claim your quarterly coffee with $HBEAN. 1 successful claim of Hyper Café coffee will grant you the 1 allowlist entry to mint 1 HPoR.

Hyper Proof of History (public mint only)

Hyper Proof of History (HPoH) is a free mint for everyone to celebrate the milestones on the path we carve through history.

The Utilities

  • Hyperbatch Proof of Donation (HPoD) is of value for decentralized governance.

  • Hyper Proof of Roast (HPoR) is of value for community engagement.

  • Hyper Proof of History (HPoH) is of a much greater value when more consecutive milestones are collected in a single wallet.



Author: 0xBatch
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