Introducing Hyperbean Reward Program

Introducing Hyperbean Reward Program

The Hyperbean Reward Program - Member Reward 2.0


The Member Rewards

From the moment you are gifted or when you purchase a Hyperbatch Barista Club digital collectible, you have the option to make your digital asset work for you by letting your little barista join the Hyper Café workforce. You can do so by following simple step-by-step guides here. Have peace of mind your little barista will be treated fairly and generously because its reward is calculated by open-sourced code and the code can be audited by anyone.


1. How much your barista can make for you?

Its wage is approximately equal to 1 free bag (200g) of specialty coffee per quarter, which is equivalent to 1 free cup of specialty coffee per 4.5 days. This is the base rate a digital barista gets simply by joining in the Hyper Café workforce.


2. You can help your barista make more money too!

Your digital barista will be gifted an additional 60 $HBEAN / week when you use him as your Twitter account profile picture for 3 months consecutively.
  • No snapshot will be taken.
  • Social proof only.
  • This is a great way to find other community members and connect.
  • Coffee packaging designing competition

If you are gifted with some artistic talents, you can participate in Hyper Café's coffee label designing competition and if you win, your digital barista will be gifted 60 $HBEAN for each bag of coffee sold bearing your winning artwork packaging. Your digital barista's special bonus will last as long as the winning packaging product is selling in the years to come.


3. Every digital barista is special and uniqueness means something


There are certain traits your digital baristas bear that are related to coffee. These traits can grant you special treatment as a digital barista owner.

  • Coffee tasting note traits
  • Hyperbatch merch traits
  • Hyper Month traits
  • Secret traits
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