Introducing Hyper Café

Introducing Hyper Café

Honestly, this is not an easy read, but don't overthink, read it from start to finish anyways, this may mark the beginning of your new journey. 

The History

Hyper Café is an entity created by Hyperbatch for a world of coffee lovers. Hyper Café was initially designed to be a virtual alliance leveraging existing social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook group, etc. to bring specialty coffee lovers worldwide on board to share their coffee-tasting experiences, transfer homebrewing knowledge and also reduce the time and effort they have to spend hunting for a good cup of coffee during their travels or when they first relocate to new cities. As the team elaborated on this idea, we found it extremely difficult to rely on Hyperbatch alone to achieve this ambitious goal on a scale and add value to coffee lovers across the world, especially in places Hyperbatch has a limited presence.

In 2021, we started to know about the amazing technologies behind non-fungible tokens, aka. NFTs; and fungible tokens, such as Ether and ADA. That was a lightbulb moment for all of us and we found the perfect home for Hyper Café, and that was also the moment we see vividly what the architecture of Hyper Café should look like.

The Architecture

First of all, it is crucial to understand the relationship between Hyperbatch and Hyper Café. They are two separate entities focusing on achieving completely two different goals in the long term. Hyperbatch is a for-profit company that strives to provide supreme products to the general public while Hyper Café is a meta café focusing on nurturing a decentralized network of coffee lovers and businesses that can enhance community members' coffee-tasting experiences and improve their quality of life.  
  • Overview of the Hyper Café Ecosystem 
The Hyper Café ecosystem consists of ERC-721, ERC-20 smart contracts, staking contracts, non-fungible tokens, fungible tokens, and IRL commodities. It might seem daunting looking from the outside, especially when the terms different project teams use to describe different blockchain aspects could vary, but the key to understanding is to understand a basic 1:1 exchange relationship between IRL coffee beans and Hyper Café native token $HBEAN within the Hyper Café ecosystem. For example, if a community member holds 1333 $HBEAN in his/her Metamask wallet, he/she can choose to redeem 1333 IRL roasted coffee beans (roughly equivalent to 250g roasted coffee beans) from Hyper Café stores by paying 1333 $HBEAN and at the same time be added to the allowlist to mint 1 Hyper Proof of Roasting (HPoR) NFT which are collectibles of future Hyper Café governance value. (read more about future Hyper Café governance here)
  • $HBEAN Tokenomics - Generation and Burning of $HBEAN
$HBEAN is generated from an ERC-20 smart contract. After the contract deployment, only the Hyper Café approved NFT staking contracts (eg. Hyperbatch Barista Club, aka. HBBC staking contract) can call the $HBEAN minting function, and no other ways of $HBEAN generation. All $HBEAN used at Hyper Café for IRL goods (coffee beans and other products) claim are burned. The success of $HBEAN tokenomics is hinged on both strong community engagement and Hyper Café delivering sought-after products and services.
Demystification: By public minting and staking Hyperbatch Barista Club (HBBC) NFTs for 1 year will recoup all the initial investment while HBBC NFT staking can last for many years to come if not forever, how can this system be sustainable, and where the value returned to HBBC NFT holders is generated? This comes down to the value of the Hyper Café ecosystem's scale, the throughput of the $HBEAN token minting and burning will be captured and permanently documented by the blockchain. The traffic will serve as a testimonial to the Hyper Café community's engagement and hence of value to businesses from outside the ecosystem to get on board to capture the value of the large community and create value for the community through their unique offerings.
  • Hyper Café approved NFTs

Hyperbatch Barista Club (HBBC) and Hyperbatch Barista Friends (HBBF) are the only collections planned to be added to the Hyper Café ecosystem for staking to gain $HBEAN as staking rewards. The staking mechanisms are explained here. It is Hyper Café's strategy to incorporate more NFT communities into the $HBEAN reward mechanisms via minting HBBF in the long term but it is not its current focus. 

 Hyper Café Ecosystem NFTs Criteria Guideline

    1. The NFT community has to be decentralized or has decentralization as one of its key development objectives.
    2. The NFT community has to add tangible or non-tangible value to the Hyper Café ecosystem and has to provide proposals for delivery.
    3. The Hyper Café community and other NFT communities have the nomination rights and the Hyper Café community has the voting rights to determine the decision and sequence of onboarding.

The Evolution 

We do not restrict the governance structure of Hyper Café to any specific type, even if one structure is superior to others now. The current confirmed evolution direction of Hyper Café is from central governance to DAO governance. The community will retain the right to switch Hyper Café from DAO governance to other more suitable governance structures depending on the socioeconomic circumstances.

Author: 0xBatch

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