Introducing $HBEAN - Web 3 Version

Introducing $HBEAN - Web 3 Version

$HBEAN is a utility token that can be used within the Hyper Café ecosystem, living on the Ethereum blockchain.

1. $HBEAN is a utility token

1.1 $HBEAN 1:1 real-world coffee bean claim

The first utility for $HBEAN is the 1:1 claim for real-world coffee beans at the Hyper Café online store. The claim period will open for a week on the first full week (Sun-Sat) of each month. The beans will be selected and roasted by your fellow HBBC holder (Don't worry, he is also a World Barista Champion) to make sure your claim is well worth the wait.

$HBEAN is what we want to reward our community members for participating in the Hyper Café ecosystem in similar ways centralized organizations want to reward their customers for reoccurring purchases or engagement. In this respect only, think of $HBEAN as loyalty points for centralized companies. While the Hyper Café ecosystem is decentralized and $HBEAN is managed by a smart contract deployed on a public immutable blockchain - Ethereum. The community can even decide to bridge $HBEAN over to other blockchains more suitable for the community's needs as the space evolves. Hence the community can always have a sense of belonging even in financial turmoils when centrally governed companies have to save costs and shut down their loyalty programs or Ethereum is too costly for Hyper Café to run governance. For $HBEAN, the value creation sits with the community collectively, which is much more superior and resilient than any traditional loyalty program.

2. $HBEAN could be the governance token

2.1 $HBEAN needs to focus on a fair distribution

The current design principle for $HBEAN is focused on fair distribution among the community members. This is an altruistic goal Hyperbatch has, serving as one of the most important pillars of Hyper Café's decentralized architecture.

2.2 $HBEAN may be made exchangeable for a governance token

There is debate within the Hyperbatch team around if $HBEAN should be used for Hyper Café ecosystem governance. The discussion is ongoing with other industry thought leaders and the conclusion will like to be one of the two options. The community will be updated on the status of this topic as it progresses.

Option 1: $HBEAN will be the governance token

Option 2: $HBEAN will be exchangeable for the governance token

diversity and inclusivity are ethos we uphold and we want to build the ecosystem in a way centralized businesses are welcome to join our cause so our community members can use their $HBEAN for all participating businesses. This will elevate the love of coffee above their distributing channels.

No matter how decentralized a distinctive artwork-based NFT project can be, the scale is still restricted by the collection size. A better way to achieve decentralization at scale is through the distribution of fungible tokens and the community identity is represented by the distinctive artwork-based NFTs, from the staking of which the fungible tokens are generated.



Author: 0xBatch

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