Introducing HBBC Staking - Web 3 Version

Introducing HBBC Staking - Web 3 Version

Community Reward Token - $HBEAN

$HBEAN is a fungible utility token rewarded to HBBC holders through NFT staking and $HBEAN can 1:1 redeem real-world coffee beans or other products offered at the Hyper Café ecosystem.

The $HBEAN tokens represent programmable assets or access rights which are managed through a smart contract and an underlying distributed ledger.

The HBBC NFT Holder Rewards

1. HBBC NFT staking reward

The HBBC NFT staking reward is approximately equal to 1 free bag (250g) of specialty coffee per quarter, which is equivalent to 1 free cup of specialty coffee per 4.5 days. This is the base reward a community member gets simply by staking their HBBC NFT.

2. HBBC NFT holder community engagement reward

HBBC NFT holders will be gifted an additional 60 $HBEAN / week when they use their HBBC NFT as their Twitter account profile picture for 3 months consecutively.

  • No snapshot will be taken.
  • Social proof only.
  • Current HBBC holders only.

Coffee packaging designing competition

  • The winning HBBC NFT holder NFT ID will be gifted 60 $HBEAN for each bag of coffee sold bearing the winning packaging. Entry with one single HBBC NFT ID and the reward will last as long as the winning packaging product is selling in the years to come.

3. HBBC NFT traits product exclusive access and discount

There are certain traits some HBBC NFTs bear that are related to coffee beans. These traits will more likely be selected in Hyperbatch coffee's new roast launches and are more often included in mini-batch launches.

Tasting note traits

Country of origin traits

There are certain traits some HBBC NFTs bear that are related to other products Hyperbatch will offer in or before 2024 including hats and fragrances.

4. HBBC world champion reference reward

Any referrer of coffee world champions will be gifted 1000 $HBEAN and the world champions will be gifted an HBBC NFT and 500 $HBEAN.

Referrers of coffee world champions will be gifted 1000 $HBEAN

The referred world champion will be gifted an HBBC NFT and 500 $HBEAN

The Art

Hyperbatch Barista Friends NFTs are the collaborative NFT collections between Hyperbatch and its partnering businesses. The "Hyperbatch Barista Friends" is a generic name for all the Hyperbatch collaborative NFT projects. The themes and traits will be co-developed by both entities. Adam Liu will be leading the designs or overseeing the designs.

The Utilities

Each Hyperbatch Barista Friends NFT will serve as a guest pass to the Hyper Café ecosystem. Think of Hyper Café as a virtual entity backed by millions of coffee lovers worldwide ready to share their knowledge, and experiences helping you to enhance your coffee-tasting skills and make smart choices selecting your coffee and receiving exclusive offers of the most sought-after coffees and products in the world.
The Hyperbatch Barista Friends NFT can also yield $HBEAN tokens through staking (read more about staking here). Read the staking reward details in each individual NFT's section. $HBEAN is the native currency of exchange within the Hyper Café ecosystem. Each 1 $HBEAN will have an exchange value of at least 1 IRL coffee bean and $HBEAN can also be used to exchange for other goods and services provided by Hyper Café.
The exclusive rights granted to Hyperbatch Barista Friends NFT holders have to be exercised when the holders have both the partnering business NFT (if the collaboration is with businesses' NFT collections) and the Hyperbatch Barista Friends NFT in the same wallet.
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