Hyperbatch Vision

Hyperbatch Vision

This is the beginning of a journey. It should be fun...

Our Vision

Hyperbatch's vision is to be an innovative reference point for Web 3 and traditional businesses by backing a blockchain-based community token with a tangible agricultural commodity to bring value to the blockchain infrastructure, enrich the lives of community members, and bring the consumer coffee industry on the blockchain first.

Our Why

The large majority of people bumped into Web 3 or blockchain-based technologies through crypto or NFT trading. We believe this is not the best way for the general public to start the Web 3 journey, this is slowing down the mass adoption of blockchain-based technologies and this is giving the industry an unnecessarily bad reputation. It is human cognitive nature to associate bad experiences with all things related to that experience, it is justifiable for people to quit Web 3, crypto, or blockchain-related products after suffering material losses. This is what made us so adamant that we need a vehicle everyone can understand and benefit from using to bring the general public to Web 3, to the blockchain. For us, this vehicle is Hyper Café and we tokenize coffee beans.

Our How

We are building Hyper Café into a decentralized ecosystem where different NFT communities globally can grow to be ambassadors for blockchain technologies, decentralized governance, and coffee ethos. At the same time, they get access to exclusive entertainment events, adventurous experiences, educational seminars, tasting-packed workshops, and a wide variety of members-only products and services.

Author: 0xBatch
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